What benefits do full-time, benefit eligible employees receive?

Medical/Prescription Insurance
Employees who are regularly scheduled to work 72 hours or more per pay period and their dependents are eligible to participate in Touchette Regional Hospital’s self-funded group medical plan. Employees may choose from one of three plans. Deduction rates vary, depending on the plan and type of coverage elected.

Dental Insurance
Employees who are regularly scheduled to work 72 hours or more per pay period and their dependents are eligible to participate in the group dental coverage. This is an employee-paid option for self and dependents. The deduction amount varies depending on the type of coverage elected.

Life Insurance
This is a company-paid benefit that provides a death benefit of your annual salary while employed at Touchette Regional Hospital. This benefit is offered through Sun Life. You may also purchase additional life insurance for yourself, your spouse, or your dependent children.

Long Term Disability
You may elect to enroll in this plan that provides 60 percent salary continuation should you become disabled and unable to work for more than 90 days. Minimal premium deductions are required.

Short Term Disability
You may elect to enroll in this plan that provides a pro-rated salary continuation for extended absences of less than 90 days. Premium deductions are based on level of coverage selected.

Employees are eligible to participate in this tax-deferred retirement savings plan after completing six months of continuous service. Entry dates are quarterly; Jan. 1, April 1, July 1, and Oct. 1. Touchette matches dollar for dollar the first 4 percent an employee invests. Vesting is 100 percent upon entry into the plan.

Flexible Spending Account
Employees may set up an annual account via payroll deduction to use pre-tax dollars for qualified medical and dependent (child/elder) care expenses. This can result in considerable savings.

Paid Time Off
Full time employees begin accruing paid time off days (combined vacation and holidays) from the first day of employment. Employees may earn up to 144 hours each year during the first three years of employment. Between four and nine years of employment, employees accrue up to 184 hours per year. After completing 10 years of service, employees accrue up to 224 hours per year, the maximum amount of paid time off per year. Unused PTO may be carried over to the next year. The maximum amount of time that employees may have banked at any given time is 288 hours for the first three years of employment; 368 hours with four to nine years of employment, and 448 hours for employees with 10 or more years of employment. PTO will not accrue above the maximum carry-over rate. Employees need to submit a time-off request form for approval prior to using PTO time. 

Sick Days
Full time employees may earn up to eight sick days per year. Unused sick time may be carried over to the next year. No more than 520 hours may be banked at any given time. Sick time may be used for sickness of employee and/or their dependents and for doctor and dental appointments of employee and/or dependents. Employees need to submit a Time-Off Request Form for approval prior to using sick time when an absence is anticipated.

In the event of a death of an employee’s immediate family member, up to three days bereavement leave will be granted following the death. Certification of death and relationship to employee may be required. Please see the Human Resources Employee Policies and Procedures Manual for the definition of immediate family member and number of days allowed.

Perfect Attendance
Full time non-exempt employees may be eligible to receive a Perfect Attendance Award of $75 each quarter. Payment is subject to all required payroll deductions. To qualify for Perfect Attendance, you cannot have any absences and two or less tardies in a quarter. Names of recipients are submitted by the manager to payroll, and the award is paid out on the regular payday.

Jury Duty
Employees called to serve for jury duty will continue to be paid their base wage for up to two weeks, provided you submit documentation from the court.

Tuition Reimbursement
After successful completion of the new-hire probationary period, full time employees are eligible to participate in Touchette’s tuition reimbursement program. Approval needs to be requested prior to an employee registering for a course. An employee may receive reimbursement up to $4,500 per calendar year upon submission of evidence of successful course completion/grade report, and receipt of tuition/lab expense. The expense can be reimbursed after each semester.

Worker’s Compensation
Employees who are injured while on duty will be evaluated for light duty or worker’s compensation pay.

Employee Assistance Program
Confidential, free counseling services are available for personal or work-related issues.

Direct Deposit
You may make arrangements to have your paycheck direct deposited into your bank account.